Prayer and Sunday School @ 9:00 am
Sunday Worship @ 11:00 am
Thursday Night Activities @ 6:30 pm



Faith Kids is the teaching ministry for pre-K to 4th grade Children at Faith Church. We are not merely an appendage that is tacked on to the body of the church. Rather, we are a dynamic, integral part of the total church program. It is a cooperative effort between the church and the home, utilizing the efforts of both parents and the church body to effectively reach the children of our community with the message of the love of Jesus Christ.

Faith Kids currently consists of:

• 9:45am Sunday School – Dedicated teachers walk your child through curriculum designed to teach your children the Biblical narrative and how it has an impact on their life.

• 11:00am Wee Worship – After the Children’s Sermon in the Worship Service, Children 4 years old to 1st grade are dismissed to a time of age appropriate teaching. Through songs, games, stories and crafts, our children learn broader Biblical concepts such as prayer, the law, the armor of God, and the Trinity.

• 6:30pm Thursday Nights, B.U.S., TrailLife USA and American Heritage Girls.

• Special Events – From VBS to Family Outings we desire to create environments where the family can be together and invite others to join them. Check out the church Calendar for upcoming events.

The AIM of our ministry is Christ centered. We desire to lead children into a personal dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip the child to grow in that relationship. We want the child to understand that Jesus Christ is an integral part of his/her life as he/she grows "in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man." Luke 2:52

The PROGRAM of our ministry is centered on the child. Our ministry focuses on the spiritual, relational, physical and mental needs of the child. All programming is designed to encourage growth in these four areas. Our focus in not on programs, but on people.

Our METHODOLOGY is experience based. Our ministry is not based on passive learning (a teacher standing in front of a classroom and reciting scripture or telling a story). Our ministry is active as children are involved in the learning process: questioning, discovering, and evaluating.

Our MATERIAL is Bible-based. We believe that the Word of God has the answers to the needs in our lives and is practical for today's child and adult. Our curriculum is designed to help the child discover what God's Word says and how to apply that truth to his/her life. Our goal is to equip the child so they can put truth into action.

Our FACILITIES must provide an environment that stimulates learning. We strive to continually improve our classroom design, furnishings and educational equipment, keeping in mind the appropriate age group characteristics for the children in that particular room.

Our STAFF is comprised of men and women who have trusted Christ as their personal Savior and desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with our children. Recognizing that the majority of our staff are parents and members of the church body, we provide the materials, curriculum, facilities and proper training to equip them to successfully accomplish their goals.